Are you looking for children’s entertainment that will keep toddlers and young children amused for the duration of your event? If so you should hire ball pond as a fun, safe, colourful and thoroughly enjoyable choice of children’s entertainment. Our ball pit rental service offers a variety of ball pit hire, with smaller cheap ball pits, through to a larger bouncy ball pond. You can hire a  ball pit for birthday, fun day, company do, fete, carnival, or any other event in which children may attend. You can also rent a ball pit for events anywhere in the UK, with our ball pond hire available throughout the year. No event has to miss out on our fabulous ball pit for hire and you can hire ball pit as simply as a phone call.

A ball pond for hire is a fantastic choice of children’s entertainment, but we also have a variety of other entertainments suitable to young guests. We have children’s bouncy castles to hire, as well as giant inflatable slides, giant games, and more. For slightly older children we have a variety of inflatable simulators and arcade machines. When you hire soft play equipment, such as our range of inflatables and our for- hire childrens ball pond, you can guarantee you children will have a fantastic time in a completely safe environment. For more information about our other fantastic inflatable products and fun games speak to one of our sales team and we can answer any queries you have regarding our products and services.

You can hire a ball pit as part of our bouncy castle hire service. You can also hire bouncy castle and other fantastic entertainment products alongside the ball pit and qualify for great savings and discounts in our fabulous package deals. If you are unsure of what products will bring the most out of your event’s potential, speak to a member of our sales team for free advice and guidance with no obligation. We have been in this business a long time and we know what products complement one another and we can help you create a tailor made package that is suitable for your event, taking into account such factors as amount of guests, age of guests, venue size, location, occasion, and budget. We have entertainment available to suit all these factors and it is our job to help you find the optimum products for your specific event.